TermoPlus Heat Pumps

Build your own heat pump

See what a difference customisation makes

Termo+ Hero

Ground-source and water-source models
50kW-1000kW per unit, infinite scalability via cascade operation
Active cooling (Reversible) or high temperature (for retrofit)
Multiple compressor option
Web control option
Two unit sizes available
Up to COP 9

Flexible: endless design options
Modular: interchangeable, repairable, upgradeable
Heavy duty: industrial grade components
Tailored to project needs, no costly pointless frills
Built for purpose: comfort & satisfaction
Built to measure: zero waste
Scalable for capacity augmentation


Customised For Efficiency

Tailored systems typically have a greater output efficiency of 7%-15% compared to off-the shelf systems. TermoPlus design engineers can support installation teams.


Superb Efficiency and ROI:

For every 1kWh of energy consumed the heat pump can produce roughly up to 6kWh of thermal energy, COP can reach 9 when used for heating and cooling.


Industrial Grade:

Built using heavy-duty industrial-grade components for reliability, efficiency and a very long lifespan. Future-proof for added financial sense.