The hybrid heat pump is the definitive solution for spaces that require heating, air-conditioning and hot water as it produces almost 8 units of heat energy for every 1 unit of energy consumed (COP: 7.95).

The Hybrid system can produce heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water (DHW). The system recycles the waste heat from the air conditioner to heat domestic water.

Incredible efficiency and savings

Installing a hybrid air source heat pump is one of the best ways to use air-conditioning efficiently and to reap savings for home and building owners. For every 1kWh of energy consumed the hybrid heat pump can produce almost 8kWh of thermal energy. Our heat pumps typically pay for themselves within 3.5 years or even less if you receive government subsidies or a grant for the system. Our hybrid air source range is strictly limited to indoor units compatible with Mitsubishi air-conditioning units and provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

Why a Mitsubishi outdoor unit?

Mitsubishi is the market leader for outdoor air-source heat pump units due to their outstanding efficiency and reliability. The PUHZ-FRP71VHA is one of the most established outdoor units for hybrid systems. For that reason we created two indoor units that can make the hybrid system an even better investment for homeowners. We offer a hydrobox for heating and cooling as well as a hydrotank which also heats domestic hot water. A TermoPlus indoor heat pump with a Mitsubishi air-conditioning system make an unbeatable combination of efficiency and reliability.

Termo Plus Warranty

Guaranteed to last

TermoPlus’s very first heat pump built in 1984 is still fully operational. The minimum life expectancy of all our heat pumps is 25 years and they are covered by a 3+3 year warranty. This means that with a quick check-up every year you are guaranteed 6 years of absolute peace of mind. We’ll support our products for their entire lifetime and guarantee spare part availability. Find out more about the TermoPlus promise.

Termo Plus Made In EU
Termo Plus TUV


The hybrid heat pump system comprises of an indoor air-conditioning unit, an outdoor unit, and a TermoPlus indoor hydrobox or hydrotank.


Heating and Sanitary Hot Water

The indoor heat pump heats the space via radiators, underfloor heating or fan coils. The hydrotank also produces domestic hot water autonomously during winter or by recycling heat from the air-conditioner during summer.

 hybrid-air-source-heat-pumps-image-2 hybrid-air-source-heat-pumps-image-3

Air-conditioning: Heating and Cooling

The indoor air conditioner is very similar to a standard air-condition unit. Normal air-conditioners dispel heat via their outdoor unit which is a waste of energy. The hybrid system instead uses this heat to produce hot water for domestic use (dish-washing, showering, etc.)

One Outdoor unit for both systems

The outside unit replaces the need for a separate outside air-conditioning unit. This males the system even more affordable and takes up less space.


Savings all-year-round

During winter you can use the heat pump for incredibly efficient heating and DHW. In mild weather you can use the air-conditioner for heating and the heat pump for DHW. During warm weather you can use the air-conditioner for cooling and DHW will be produced as a side benefit.

Homes, Pools, Hotels, Restaurants, Gyms

The hot water produced during air-conditioner cooling can be used for multiple applications such as shower facilities, kitchen use, dishwashing, laundry, heated swimming pools



Incredible efficiency and savings

With a heaterless design there is no power requirement for an electric heater. You will enjoy the same comfort without a heating element which would use more energy. The TermoPlus – Mitsubishi combination with energy efficient inverter technology delivers significant efficiency and unmatched real savings.

Flexible and compatible

The combination is suitable for floor, radiator and fan coil heating in new buildings or as a renovation of existing heating systems. The units can also work in conjunction with an external heat source such as a biomass, a boiler or a woodstove and take up very little space.

Optimized performance

Performance is boosted in our indoor units but not at the expense of compatibility – the original Mitsubishi weather compensated control is retained along with all features (see in detail below*). Switching between water and space heating is automatic and adequate capacity is ensured so that a storage tank is not required.

Constant availability

You will have uninterrupted hot water with our hydrotank as it uses a large-surface heat exchanger that  heats water up faster due to its larger heat transfer surface.

All-season use

The outdoor units can function at temperatures as low as -20°c and offer a great way to be efficient during all seasons.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Function-packed but easy to use

A multi-functional controller provides optimal management with programmes such as automatic anti- legionella, floor drying, holiday mode and a weekly timer.  Web control via app is optionally available and includes an efficiency monitoring feature. Two-zone heating is also available as an option.

Reliable and durable

TermoPlus units can operate  longer than others in harsher conditions due to their larger condenser and the Mitsubishi outdoor units have a proven record of reliability in tough conditions.

Long lasting and easy to maintain

Maintenance is easy to perform since all components are easily accessible. TermoPlus hydrotanks also feature complete anti-corrosion protection through the use of a top quality enamelled water tank with a build-in MG anode.

Quiet and unobtrusive

Both the indoor and outdoor units are both extremely quiet and compact. Using a TermoPlus hydrotank to replace a hydrobox / hot water heater also saves space and makes for a seamless, out-of-sight solution.

Maximum safety

All units run an automated anti-legionella programme even without an additional electric heater.

All original Mitsubishi control features are retained: Auto-defrost, automatic switching between DHW and heating / cooling, automatic anti-legionella program, control of external heating source , DHW and heating timers *, 2 zone control *, floor dry function*, monitoring of consumed and produced energy (COP)* , access via web and mobile app* , master for cascade connection*   (Features followed by * are optional)



Optional Electric Heater

This upgrade is unnecessary for most users and allows the use of an electric heater to produce vast quantities of hot water for constant, intense use of temperatures of 70° and higher as well as where a backup may be needed.

Optional web control via app

The original Mitsubishi app allows you to measure the system’s efficiency (COP Monitoring) and to control the system and programs (holiday mode, floor drying etc) from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Air Source Heat Pumps Web Control



Model & Range Circulation Pump Expansion Vessel DHW Tank Pipe connection for water Dimensions

(H x W x D or H x diam) (mm)

TermoPlus Hydrobox MZ 25/1-7 28mm 820 x 500 x 350
TermoPlus Hydrotank MZ 25/1-7 300L 28mm 1710 x ф750


    Air To Air   Air To Water   Heat Recovery
Mitsubishi Model Cooling Capacity (Rated / Min-Max) Cooling EER Cooling SEER Cooling Class Heating Capacity (Rated / Min-Max) Heating COP Heating SCOP Heating Class Capacity A7W35 Heating COP A7W35 Capacity


Heating COP



W45 (ATA cooling+ATW)

Recovery COP W45 Capacity

W55 (ATA cooling+ATW)

Recovery COP W55
PLA-ZRP71BA 7.1/3.3-8.1 3.84 6.5 A++ 8.0/3.5-10.2 3.90 4.4 A+ 8.00 4.08 7.50 2.83 7.1+8.0 7.95 7.1+9.0 5.42
PKA-RP71KAL 7.1/3.3-8.1 3.78 6.3 A++ 8.0/3.5-10.2 3.54 4.2 A+ 8.00 4.08 7.50 2.83 7.1+8.0 7.82 7.1+9.0 5.37
PCA-RP71KA 7.1/3.3-8.1 3.74 6.4 A++ 8.0/3.5-10.2 3.54 4.2 A+ 8.00 4.08 7.50 2.83 7.1+8.0 7.74 7.1+9.0 5.33
PCA-RP71HA 7.1/3.3-8.1 3.14 5.4 A 8.0/3.5-10.2 3.14 3.7 A 8.00 4.08 7.50 2.83 7.1+8.0 6.54 7.1+9.0 4.74
PSA-RP71KA 7.1/3.3-8.1 3.60 6.1 A++ 8.0/3.5-10.2 3.33 3.9 A 8.00 4.08 7.50 2.83 7.1+8.0 7.48 7.1+9.0 5.21
PEAD-RP71JAQ 7.1/3.3-8.1 3.38 5.4 A 8.0/3.5-10.2 3.83 3.8 A 8.00 4.08 7.50 2.83 7.1+8.0 7.02 7.1+9.0 5.00
PEAD-RP71JALQ 7.1/3.3-8.1 3.41 5.6 A+ 8.0/3.5-10.2 3.83 3.8 A 8.00 4.08 7.50 2.83 7.1+8.0 7.09 7.1+9.0 5.03

Cassette unit PLA-ZRP71BA

Classic wall unitPKA-RP71KAL

Ceiling unitPCA-RP71KA

Stainless ceiling unitPCA-RP71HA

Freestanding unitPSA-RP71KA

Duct unitPEAD-RP71JAQ

Duct unitPEAD-RP71JALQ

Refrigerant: R410A, Recommended Fuse: 1x25A, Power Supply: 1F/230V/50Hz
A2A SEER / SCOP based on EN14825, A2W COP based on EN14511


  Guaranteed operating range: Dimensions
Model & Range Cooling Heating ATW Heat Recovery (H x W x D or H x diam) (mm)
PUHZ-FRP71VHA -15~+46 -20~+21 -20~+35 +15~+46 943 x 950 x 330 (+30)


The hybrid system is ideal for situations where both cooling and domestic hot water are used. While the air is cooled by the air conditioner, the heat generated is not disposed of but instead used to heat water for domestic use. This is ideal for homes, heated pools, hotels, restaurants, gyms, offices, server rooms and many more situations. Consider the following examples of spaces that currently use air-to-air cooling systems and an electric or combination hot water boiler.

hybrid-air-source-heat-pumps-image-11 Bars and Restaurants
While dining and bar areas are cooled through the air conditioning system, the heat extracted from the spaces is used to heat the water for dishwashing.
hybrid-air-source-heat-pumps-image-12 Gyms with showers or pools
While the gym is cooled through the air conditioning system, the heat extracted from is used to heat the water for the showers or even the swimming pool.
hybrid-air-source-heat-pumps-image-13 Offices or server rooms
While an office or server room is cooled through the air conditioning system, the heat extracted is used to heat the communal kitchen water or bathroom tap water.

Our air source and domestic hot water heat pumps are extremely easy to maintain and have very low maintenance costs. Our units only require a single annual quick service where we ensure everything is working correctly and efficiently.

Our heat pumps can installed in both new buildings and older buildings . The units can work with underfloor heating, radiators and fan coils alike. The hydrotank can replace or upgrade existing hot water facilities.

Our air-source products can be combined with an existing heating boiler, biomass or woodstove.