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Protecting privacy

Please see our privacy policy for further information.

TERMO SHOP doo respects the privacy of website visitors and we will not lend, sell or make personal data available to third parties. The information you will trust us will be for the internal use of our business, for promotional purposes and for improving the performance of websites.

We inform you that for the execution of business, inquiries and partly the implementation of promotional activities we cooperate with outsourced service providers for the provision of postal and other marketing services. In these cases, we need to provide your information to third parties and give you assurance that they will be used exclusively for the provision of the service. You always have the option to unsubscribe from the list of recipients of our promotional messages simply by writing to us via the online form, which can be found in the “contact” section, or via link in our privacy policy.

Please see our privacy policy for further information.

Use of contact forms

Contact forms on the TERMO SHOP website are recorded and stored as contact information. By using them, the user agrees that our consultants – the employees of TERMO SHOP – can contact them regarding an offer from the company and advise them on the purchase.

General Terms and Conditions

Our general terms and conditions are available here.

Legal notice

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