Heat pumps are one of the highest performing energy investments a homeowner can make.


Heat pumps can be used at homes for heating and cooling spaces as well as for heating domestic hot water. The flexibility offered by heat pumps can also be used to heat swimming pools, to cool a cellar or computer room or to produce free hot water by recycling the heat extracted by your air conditioner during summe


Heat pumps are one of the highest performing energy investments a homeowner can make. With a 25 year lifespan it makes sense that the choice of a heat pump is an important one, since efficiency and long-term support are what will determine the true return on your investment. You can also take advantage of our unique installation customization which should achieve an average increase in efficiency of 12% which really adds up over the years. TermoPlus is the only manufacturer globally that supports tailored installations, something that we have been doing for over 25 years.

What solution is right for me?

Each installation is tailored to suit your energy requirements, hot water needs and your existing facilities. Here are some options you may want to consider, however you may prefer to ask our experts to consult you.

An air to water system is the most widely used option enabling heating and cooling of your home as well as the option to heat domestic hot water.

If your property is small or a new passive building a passive system like our Eco-Inverter may be more suitable as it is designed for higher efficiency and lower capacity needs. It can also be combined with a small domestic hot water heater.

If you are looking for greater efficiencies but own a medium/large property you may prefer a geothermal (ground or water source) heat pump which would also require some groundwork to be carried out. Ground-source heat pumps use the earth as a source for heating and cooling and can be remarkably efficient.

Alternatively, if you are planning to install air conditioning and intend to use it a lot during summer you may examine a hybrid option where you could recycle the heat from the air conditioner and produce domestic hot water for free.

If all you want is an extremely efficient alternative for domestic hot water that uses heat pump technology you could get achieve significant savings with a DHW heat pump while future-proofing your home for an optional heat pump installation later on.

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