1610, 2017

Introducing the new TermoPlus® M7 160L Hydrotank

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The TermoPlus Hydrotank series offers uninterrupted domestic hot water for heating as well as domestic use such as showering, dishwashing etc. The Hydrotank is part of an air-source heat pump installation and works exclusively with [...]

2509, 2017

TermoPlus® receives highest possible credit rating

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TermoPlus has just received a renewed AAA level certification which is the highest class of credit worthiness possible. A great credit rating indicates a lower financial risk for partners, customers and suppliers. The Bisnode Creditworthiness certification [...]

1709, 2017

New heat pump models presented at the 50th MOS trade fair in Celje, Slovenia

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TermoPlus unveiled a series of updated heat pumps and outdoor units at the 50th MOS trade show in Celje, Slovenia this week. Among the new models showcased TermoPlus presented Mitsubishi’s updated outdoor units for the [...]