Heating, cooling and hot water can account for between 40% and 70% of a hotel’s energy costs.


Hotels and resorts have high energy overheads that offer great opportunities for reduction. Energy is consumed for heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water for showers or dishwashing and sometimes heated swimming pools or laundry facilities. By replacing older inefficient technologies with a heat pump system there is great scope for energy savings. Efficiencies can be further increased by tailoring the system to the hotel’s needs and by recycling energy from one process into another where possible.


Because of the large energy requirements hotels have it is worth investing in a custom system. A manufacturer-customized system will both meet your hotel’s needs better and achieve greater efficiency than a tailored installation of an off-the-shelf solution. Even small efficiency gains can really add over the 25 year lifespan of a heat pump, especially for hotels that have large energy footprints. This is illustrated in the case study below. TermoPlus is the only heat pump manufacturer to offer installation customization.

What solution is right for me?

Your hotel has the potential to achieve greater than average savings as you can incorporate a mix of heat pump technologies to benefit from. To find out the best solutions for your facility and get a breakdown of costs and savings you can get a free site analysis and an expert consultation here.

Case study: Hotel & Casino Žalec

Hotel Žalec in Slovenia is a 2.480m² hotel with 44 rooms, 4 suites, a casino and restaurant built in 1980. The hotel suffered from high heating costs using a 300kW fossil fuel district heating system that cost €33.200 to run annually.

A TermoPlus system was installed to replace the 300kW district heating system. The TermoPlus installation comprised of 3x23kW air/water heat pumps totaling a 69kW output. A domestic hot water (DHW) system was also installed using a 15 kW air/water heat pump that heats water to 65°C. In addition, a 100kW condensing gas boiler was added as a backup. The new system uses electricity for the heat pumps and gas only as a backup.

As a result, the total annual running costs dropped to €21.800, a saving of €11.400 annually. The project met payback at 4.8 years and will have a total lifetime savings of €285.000.

Why TermoPlus?

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