TermoPlus commercial / industrial heat pumps

Our industrial range can use air, water (AquaPump) and geothermal (TerraPump) sources as well as industrial processes as heat sources.  The heat pumps are designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications where large capacities and energy efficiencies are needed. 

Heat pump customization

Appropriate sizing of heat pump systems is a major determinant of efficiency. All our TermoPlus industrial heat pumps are meticulously crafted one by one. This allows us to offer fully customized built-to-order systems.

If you already know what your system needs are, you can use our application to design your ideal system.  Alternately, you can contact us for our system design engineers to find the ideal solution to your requirements. 

Industrial heat pumps for district heating and cooling

The TermoPlus industrial units are the ideal heat pumps for district heating and cooling for medium-sized applications such as hotels, residential complexes, schools, office buildings, warehouses, industrial facilities and so on. Our largest units currently have a maximum output of 150kW for standard applications, but they can be connected in cascade reaching more than 1mW.

The industrial range is incredibly energy efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

What other HVAC applications are our industrial heat pumps suited for?

The TermoPlus industrial range is suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial cooling and heating applications: 

  • Heating and cooling of housing, hotels, offices, commercial spaces, industrial facilities and warehouses – almost any space.
  • Heat pump assisted water heating for any application including industrial use, swimming pools, water parks, etc.
  • Sanitary hot water for hotels, sports facilities, housing, etc.
  • Heat recovery from industrial processes – metal works, bitcoin mining, etc.
  • Heating and cooling in food processing applications – pasteurization etc.
  • Temperature control – e.g. food storage, wineries, chemical or pharmaceutical applications etc. 
  • Industrial heating and drying processes.
  • Industrial cooling for applications such as cooling data processing facilities, server farms, etc.
  • Agricultural heating and cooling – greenhouses etc.

If you can’t find a suitable example above for your requirements, please reach out to us, we can probably provide a solution for your needs. 

Energy efficiency and system sizing

Our industrial range is extremely energy-efficient. It is typical for our industrial heat pumps to reach a coefficient of performance (COP) of 6, and over 10 when using both the heating and cooling effects of the heat pump. 

The three key design determinants to optimize a heat pump system’s energy efficiency are:

  • Correct sizing: incorrect system sizing results in operational inefficiencies. Luckily, we offer multiple unit sizes and can customize each unit as needed. Tailoring a system can increase output efficiency between 7% and 15% compared to a typical installation. 
  • Multi-stage operation: Operating at various output levels, multi-stage operation allows you to run the system on a lower setting when less heat is needed, resulting in greater energy efficiency.
  • Cascading: The ability to modularly add more units in the future in order to scale up your capacity means that you can economically expand your heating capacity with your facilities (or during seasonal peaks) as your business grows.

The TermoPlus industrial product range offers all these to reach the optimum capacity for maximum energy-efficiency.   

Commercial and Industrial waste heat recovery

Many businesses produce waste heat that can be captured and recovered to be used for office space heating or other uses. Our industrial heat pump range can use a wide variety of process heat sources including:

  • Industrial refrigeration (expelled heat from refrigeration systems)
  • Data centers and cryptocurrency mining
  • Distillation processes
  • Drying and curing processes
  • Air compressors and other mechanical heat sources in manufacturing
  • Cement production and ceramic manufacturing
  • Waste incineration and sewage plants
  • Power plants and cogeneration systems (CHP)
  • Plastic, wood, paper and pulp processing
  • Certain textile manufacturing processes
  • Metal and glass processing
  • Food processes such as cooking and pasteurization
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical processing
  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Some mining operations

Decarbonize your business, reach net-zero with clean energy sources

Through the electrification of heating and the use of clean energy sources you can really contribute to your goals of reaching net-zero. 

Not only can heat pumps lower your energy consumption, but they can also operate without using fossil fuels and without producing zero Co2 emissions.  By electrifying your heating systems and switching to a carbon-neutral energy source, you can lower emissions for your business.    

Our industrial heat pumps can use power from the grid or renewable sources such as solar, hydro or wind power. Alternatively, if available in your location, you can switch over to a 100% clean energy provider. This can help your business reach your decarbonization goals faster. 


The refrigerants used in our commercial industrial heat pumps are non-toxic, non-corrosive, have ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) and no ozone depletion potential (ODP). 

Basic configurations for 2023

TerraPump is our ground-source geothermal industrial range and AquaPump is our water-source geothermal industrial range. The Heating versions (H) are optimized for efficiency in heating applications, the HR versions are designed for heat recovery and the AC versions are ideal for heating and cooling buildings. All unit combinations come in a variety of outputs. Learn more about our industrial / commercial heat pump range 


Model Typical Application
AquaPump H Water-source for heating applications
AquaPump HR Water-source for heat recovery applications
AquaPump AC Water-source for heating and cooling
TerraPump H Ground-source for heating applications
TerraPump HR Ground-source for heat recovery applications
TerraPump AC Ground-source for heating and cooling


Contact us for more details

Our industrial range is custom-built to suit your needs. Use our sizing application to get a quote or contact our system design engineers to find the ideal solution to your requirements.


A TermoPlus industrial heat pump against a grey wall.