Domestic hot water pumps are the single highest performing energy saving investment a household can make.

Incredible efficiency and savings

Installing a domestic hot water heat pump has the highest savings and fastest return than any energy upgrade available to home / building owners. For every 1kWh of energy consumed the heat pump can produce up to 5kWh of thermal energy. Our heat pumps typically pay for themselves within 3.5 years or even less if you receive government subsidies or a grant for the system. This outstanding financial performance is due to our unique heaterless design.

Heaterless design: why is it such a big deal?

Most heat pumps on the market rely on an additional electric heater to cope with daily demands, increasing their real power consumption. All our products have a unique heaterless design which produces the same hot water temperatures (up to 62˚C) but without a power consuming electric heater. This efficiency results in significant savings over time.

Termo Plus Warranty

Guaranteed to last

TermoPlus’s very first heat pump built in 1984 is still fully operational. The minimum life expectancy of all our heat pumps is 25 years and they are covered by a 3+3 year warranty. This means that with a quick check-up every year you are guaranteed 6 years of absolute peace of mind. We’ll support our products for their entire lifetime and guarantee spare part availability. Find out more about the TermoPlus promise.

Termo Plus Made In EU
Termo Plus TUV


Incredible efficiency and savings

Our unique heaterless design produces hot water up to 62˚C without the power requirement for an electric heater. We do this using a specially  developed rotary compressor which ensures low operating costs and a long lifetime.

Free ventilation & cooling

As a by-product of using a heat pump for DHW, fresh cool air is produced that can be used to ventilate and cool small spaces such as cellars, storage rooms etc. – at no cost.

Optimized performance

Performance is boosted in Standard and Pro series models by using thermostatic expansion valves with an internal equalizer instead of less efficient capillary tubes. We also use high quality PU insulation to further reduce heat losses.

Constant availability

We use an external large-surface condenser that  heats water up faster due to its larger heat transfer surface. This can optionally be augmented with an electric heater upgrade in extreme cases such as commercial gym showers with non-stop peak flow.

Compatible, all-season use

Many heat pumps can’t operate when the temperature falls below 7°C. Our DHW products overcome this problem by working in conjunction with an existing heating boiler, biomass or woodstove through an additional built-in heat exchanger. This allows them to operate when others can’t.

Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump

Function-packed but easy to use

A multi-functional controller provides optimal management with functions like automatic an anti- legionella programme and a weekly timer.  Web control via app is optionally available* (*currently in beta testing).

Reliable and durable

Humidity, dirt and airflow obstructions are now much less of an issue, even at temperatures as low as -5° (Pro). TermoPlus units can operate  longer than others in harsher conditions due to their larger evaporator and optimized fin spacing.

Long lasting and easy to maintain

Complete anti-corrosion protection is provided through the use of a top quality enamelled water tank with a build-in MG anode. Access for servicing and maintenance is easy through our push-button top access panel (Pro).

Quiet and unobtrusive

An almost silent brushless (EC) fan provides extremely quiet operation with high air flow at 65 % lower power consumption.

Maximum safety

All units run an automated anti-legionella programme even without an additional electric heater and by design the use of an indirect heating condenser prevents the risk of refrigerant leakage into sanitary hot water.




Our entry-level range the Basic line offers savings without costing too much. Additional optional features are available.

Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump Basic Standard


The standard line offers 30% greater efficiency compared to the basic line. Additional optional features are available.

Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump Basic Standard


Our pro line offers amazing reliability and efficiency, an advanced controller and numerous optional upgrades such as PV input and low temperature (-5°) operation.  With push-button access it is also easier to maintain.

Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump Pro



All ranges are available in two sizes: 230L and 300L. The 300L option  also allows the use of solar / DHX.

Solar / Double Heat Exchanger

This model features a double heat exchanger and allows the combined use of three different ways of heating water: the heat pump, a boiler and solar energy. Available for all ranges with a 300L size.


This version enables the cooling of selected spaces through air ducts. These run from the point of the air intake, through the heat pump to the point, where the air is discharged. The overall length of the duct system cannot exceed 10m.

Low Temperature Upgrade

This upgrade allows the unit to operate in an environment with a temperature as low as -5°. Only available for the PRO range.

Optional Electric Heater

This upgrade is unnecessary for most users and allows the use of an electric heater to produce vast quantities of hot water for constant, intense use up to temperatures of 70° and where a backup may be needed.

PV Input

Photovoltaic input allows the DHW unit to automatically store excess solar electric power in the form of hot water. This can reduce energy transfer losses and net metering surcharges. Only available for the PRO range.

Optional web control via app

The app allows you to measure the savings you achieve using the heat pump and allows you to control the system as you wish. The system can also automatically receive software updates and allows you and our support engineers to monitor its performance.

Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps


Model & Range Volume Air Solar / DHX* PV


Low Temp















(H x diam) (mm)

BASIC C2/230 230 L         O A 2,15 0,63 3,4 (EN 255-3) 1550 x 660
BASIC C2/300 300 L   Ο     O A 2,15 0,63 3,4 (EN 255-3) 1800 x 660
BASIC C2/230 AIR 230 L       O A 2,15 0,63 3,4 (EN 255-3) 1600 x 660
BASIC C2/300 AIR 300 L Ο     O A 2,15 0,63 3,4 (EN 255-3) 1850 x 660
STANDARD C2/231 230 L         O A 2,0 0,44 4,55 (EN 255-3) 1550 x 660
STANDARD C2/301 300 L   Ο     O A 2,0 0,44 4,55 (EN 255-3) 1800 x 660
STANDARD C2/231 AIR 230 L       O A 2,0 0,44 4,55 (EN 255-3) 1600 x 660
STANDARD C2/301 AIR 300 L Ο     O A 2,0 0,44 4,55 (EN 255-3) 1850 x 660
PRO C2/231 230 L     Ο O O A 2,0 0,44 4,55 (EN 255-3) / 3,2 (EN 16147) 1580 x 660
PRO C2/301 300 L   Ο Ο O O A 2,0 0,44 4,55 (EN 255-3) / 3,2 (EN 16147) 1850 X 660
PRO C2/231 AIR 230 L   Ο O O A 2,0 0,44 4,55 (EN 255-3) / 3,2 (EN 16147) 1630 x 660
PRO C2/301 AIR 300 L Ο Ο O O A 2,0 0,44 4,55 (EN 255-3) / 3,2 (EN 16147) 1900 X 660


Your savings depend on many factors such as your local cost per kWh, how much hot water usage you require, and what other systems are in place. Let’s consider a conservative example of a 5 inhabitant home with a local kWh average cost of €0.13 (EU average is €0.20*). With an average power consumption using a standard electric hot water boiler, the annual consumed power of 4500 kWhs would cost €585. With a TermoPlus domestic hot water pump the consumption would drop to 1100 kWhs annually costing €143. That would be an annual saving of €442 which over the 25 year life of the product would amount to €11.025, and that isn’t even taking into account the rising cost of electricity. If the cost per kWh was €0.29 as it was for an average household in Germany in 2016, the annual savings would be €986 and the lifetime savings would amount to €24.650.


DHW heat pumps are extremely easy to maintain and have very low maintenance costs particularly when compared to solar hot water heaters or other alternatives. Our units only require a single annual quick service where we ensure everything is working correctly and efficiently.

DHW heat pumps can be installed in both new buildings and replace or upgrade existing hot water facilities.

Our DHW products have an additional built-in heat exchanger which allows them to be combined with an existing heating boiler, biomass or woodstove.

The air temperature of the space in which a hot water heat pump operates affects the efficiency and performance of any heat pump unit. Warmer temperatures allow higher efficiencies to be achieved. Our Pro range can work efficiently even at temperatures as low as -5°C.