Businesses can reap massive financial benefits from a commercial / industrial heat pump installation with a quick payback and a long service life.

Superb efficiency and return on investment.

Commercial spaces or industrial buildings  with high heating and cooling costs can achieve amazing returns by installing a TermoPlus heat pump.

For every 1kWh of energy consumed the heat pump can produce roughly up to 6kWh of thermal energy – in some cases the coefficient of performance (COP) can be as high as 9 when using both the heating and cooling effects of the heat pump. Our industrial-grade heat pumps typically pay for themselves within 3.5 years or even less if you receive government subsidies or a grant for the system.

Why customisation and support are crucial.

As a general rule, the key determinant of heat pump system efficiency is the actual design and installation process. Tailoring the hotel system typically increases output efficiency between 7% and 15% compared to typical installations. Termo+ is currently the only heat pump manufacturer worldwide that works closely with the installation contractors to tailor product parameters for each project. Contractors have full access to us for design consultation and on-site engineers get engineering support through remote tools.

Termo Plus Warranty

Guaranteed to last

TermoPlus’s very first heat pump built in 1984 is still fully operational. The minimum life expectancy of all our heat pumps is 25 years and they are covered by a 3+3 year warranty. This means that with a quick check-up every year you are guaranteed 6 years of absolute peace of mind. We’ll support our products for their entire lifetime and guarantee spare part availability. Find out more about the TermoPlus promise.

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Custom-built = unbeatable efficiency

All our commercial / industrial heat pumps are completely tailor made to increase efficiency between 7% and 15% compared to custom-configured out-of-the-box heat pumps.

Unparalleled support

Your installation and maintenance contractors will always have access to our technical team for support. We are the only heat pump manufacturer on the planet that proactively gets involved in all commercial and industrial installations.

Economical and comfortable

To enable even greater control and economy, a multi-stage heat pump allows you to operate at various output levels. This means you can set it on a lower output on mild weather and use less power or set it on higher levels during more extreme temperatures.

Extremely flexible applications

If you use energy-intense applications, produce thermal energy through processes or have any kind of production operation it is highly likely that you could be sitting on a great source of thermal energy. Our industrial heat pumps can capture this energy for you and reach astonishing output ratios of up to 10x your input energy.

commercial industrial heat pumps

Reliable, durable and environmentally friendly

You can count on exceptional reliability since we only use  grade A mechanical components from top European  manufacturers and all our products are 100% tested through extensive quality control at our simulation lab. Environmentally friendly refrigerant is used R407C (or R134a as an alternative).

Long lasting and easy to maintain

Corrosion is less of an issue due to our anti-corrosion stainless steel condenser. Spare parts are available for up to 25 years and maintenance is easy to administer. You’ll be impressed by our TermoPlus promise

All year use

TermoPlus is one of the very few heat pump manufacturers that offers an Active Cooling feature. Also known as a reversible heat pump it allows you to reverse the system during summer and pump heat out of the building and into the ground. This results in better comfort levels and efficiency during prolonged periods of extreme temperatures.

Flexible for retro-fitting

Older buildings that may use radiators require higher temperature water to function compared to newer facilities. Our commercial heat pumps can produce water temperatures up to 65°C (or more if required) and offer a compromise between efficiency and preserving existing systems.



TermoPlus commercial / industrial heat pumps can utilise the following heat sources: the heat from the earth through a horizontal collector or a vertical borehole heat exchanger, the heat from surface water and groundwater as well as the waste heat harvested from technological and other processes.


Terrapump Pro is our ground-source geothermal heat pump system for commercial or industrial applications. These can be used for either horizontal or vertical designs.


Aquapump Pro is our water-source geothermal heat pump system for commercial or industrial applications. These heat pumps can be used for underground water.



H – Heating

The heating (H) version of the commercial / industrial heat pumps is optimised for heating. The unit is designed for reliability and optimum efficiency for space heating and / or for the production of domestic hot water. These applications require the system to provide a broad operating temperature range as well as to efficiently and reliably reach condensing temperatures as high as 65 °C.

HR – Heat Recovery

The heat recovery (HR) version is designed for the recovery and reuse of available (waste) heat. Recovered thermal energy significantly contributes to reducing the total energy cost of an installation. Common sources of thermal energy are processes such as washing, drying, pasteurization and waste heat from refrigeration or other sources. As an example, heat recovery on the condensing water loop of a watercooled chiller can be used to produce high temperature water for sanitary use or space heating. With a typical evaporating temperature between 20 °C and 40 °C and a condensing temperature of up to 85 °C, HR heat pumps offer many opportunities for energy savings through heat recovery.

AC – Air Conditioning

The air conditioning (AC) version of the commercial / industrial heat pumps is designed for the central heating and cooling of buildings with an existing infrastructure that may use fan coils, wall or underfloor heating / cooling. The AC version, as a ground-source or water-source heat pump, offers significant advantages over standard air-source and VRF systems: significantly greater efficiency, a more stable operation, less maintenance requirements and a reduced refrigerant charge. Not to mention, no more noisy outdoor units cluttering the space.


Active Cooling

Also known as a reversible heat pump, this option allows you to reverse the system during summer and pump heat out of the building and into the ground. This results in better output and efficiency during prolonged periods of extreme temperatures. This is the recommended choice for increased efficiency, performance and economy. It is also particularly suited for mild and warmer climates where a lot of cooling is also needed.

Multiple Compressors

Using multiple compressors allows multi-stage operation. By switching between various output levels you can achieve a better balance between output and economy. This is because output can be tailored to meet actual demand.

Commercial Industrial Heat Pumps Web Control Via App

Full Web Control Via App

The app allows you to measure the savings you achieve using the heat pump and allows you to control the system as you wish. The system can also automatically receive software updates and allows you and our support engineers to monitor its performance.

Cascade Operation

Cascade operation allows the connection and operation of numerous heat pumps into one heating system. Doing this can achieve scalable heating output.




Data refers to a single unit. Up to 4 units can be connected in a cascade system, quadrupling heating and cooling power.
Unit dimensions depending on model setup (WxHxD) [mm]: Large: 2200 x 1775 x 721 Medium: 721 x 1775 x 721.
* Technical data are given at evaporation temperature +7 °C and condensation temperature +40 °C.
** Technical data are given at evaporation temperature -5 °C and condensation temperature +40 °C.
*** Only for Active Cooling version.



Since our commercial / industrial heat pumps are custom built for your needs, the savings that you will far exceed any other commercial out of the box solution and any other existing technology. Particularly if you have processes from which we can harness thermal energy you will be surprised to see what a custom TermoPlus commercial / industrial heat pump can do for your bottom line. For a free financial analysis and expert consultation please get in touch.

Any kind of business that requires heating or cooling at a medium to large scale can benefit from installing a commercial geothermal heat pump. The higher the demand for heating and / or cooling, the greater the financial return on a heat pump investment. Fantastic results have been achieved for hotels, gyms,  spas / wellness centers and swimming pools, hospitals, educational facilities, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, housing, heavy and light industries, manufacturing, warehousing, wineries, pharmaceutics, food processing and distribution and energy intense operations.

Our commercial / industrial heat pumps are extremely easy to maintain and have some of the lowest maintenance costs in the industry. Designed for simplified maintenance procedures, ownership costs are significantly less for these long-service life, reliable installations. TermoPlus products don’t incorporate non-essential features that could potentially reduce reliability. This is why they only require a single annual quick service where we ensure everything is working correctly and efficiently. Your installation and maintenance contractors will find all the support they need from us with remote support via video link and access to our design engineers.

Our heat pumps can be installed in both new buildings and replace or upgrade existing hot water facilities. TermoPlus systems are extremely versatile and can integrate with numerous existing systems. This means a reduced need for replacing further facilities which lowers total project costs. An integrated TermoPlus heat pump installation can introduce huge savings for many operational areas such as heating and cooling for spaces and water, ventilation, refrigeration for food storage and cellars, steam for laundry facilities, hot water for  showers, pools, laundry and restaurant facilities.

Installing a heat pump will also be save space, maintenance and infrastructure costs. The units don’t take up too much space and you won’t need chimneys, fuel reservoirs or a gas connection.