Heaterless heat pumps: what are they and why should consumers care?

Standard vs heaterless heat pumps: What distinguishes heaterless systems from the rest is that heaterless heat pumps don’t rely on a power-hungry heating element to function under normal conditions. Many heat pumps do not incorporate an electrical heater within their own product specifications. However, many of these do require the inclusion of a heating element [...]

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TermoPlus at ForArch 2019 in the Czech Republic (17-21 September, Hall 4, Stand 4C25)!

TermoPlus partner Engee Ekobalance s.r.o. will be presenting our products at the ForArch 2019 trade show in Letňany, in the Czech Republic between the  17th and 21st of September. You can find our more about our latest products and you can get your questions answered by Engee Ekobalance. You can find them at Hall 4, Stand 4C25, [...]

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See you at Energetab 2019 in Poland (17-19 September, Pavilion R, Stand 14)!

TermoPlus will be taking part in the Energetab 2019 trade show in Bielsko-Biała, Poland between the  17th and 19th of September. We will showcase our latest products and will be happy to answer your questions jointly with our local partner for Poland, Wentor. You can find us at Pavilion R Stand 14.   Appointments are available [...]

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TermoPlus® awarded Platinum AAA credit rating

TermoPlus has been awarded a Platinum AAA Credit Rating by Bisnode. The credit rating is the result of a three-year consecutive award of a Gold AAA rating and recognizes the absolute lowest credit risk a company can represent to partners. “Although this is not necessarily something new to TermoPlus partners, suppliers and clients who have [...]

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What is the life expectancy of heat pumps?

How long do heat pumps last? – the life expectancy of heat pumps is something that most heat pump owners looked into before they decided to invest in one. This is perfectly understandable since the lifespan of a heat pump will significantly affect the overall savings from an investment in a heat pump installation. For [...]

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Top 5 heat pump trends that are shaping the heat pump market

Heat pump trends and new product features to keep an eye on Having just wrapped up at the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt we take a look at the top five heat pump trends emerging in the heat pump industry which will shape products in the market over the next couple of years. Efficiency improvements Not [...]

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Custom-built heat pumps: why are they a game-changer?

Custom-built heat pumps are in high demand and are becoming an even more appealing solution for many commercial or industrial HVAC projects. What makes them such a compelling solution for these types of projects and why are they becoming a game-changer in the industry? Sizing is critical (efficiency) The sizing of a heat pump system [...]

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New air-source heat pumps by TermoPlus win ISH Design Plus award.

TermoPlus has been awarded the DesignPlus award by ISH and the German Design Council for the new HydroTank air-source heat pump series to be launched at ISH in March (our ISH appointments will are limited, book yours here). The HydroTank range provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) while the streamlined HydroBox series offers heating [...]

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TermoPlus® receives Gold AAA credit rating

TermoPlus has just received a Gold AAA credit rating certification. What this means for clients, partners and suppliers is that they can count on TermoPlus to be financially responsible and a very stable supplier / partner in the medium / long run. For the last three consecutive years, the business has been awarded the highest [...]

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Infographic: Why are heat pumps becoming so popular?

Heat pumps are still one of the best kept secrets for extremely efficient heating since they aren't the most prevalent heating method used in most countries. Popularity is on the increase though as homeowners and business owners understand the enormous benefits offered by this established and ultra-efficient heating technology.

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