Geothermal / ground source heat pumps produce roughly 5 units of thermal energy using 1 unit of electric energy.

Unbeatable efficiency, significant savings

Geothermal heat pumps are the most efficient method of heating space and hot water for any type of building. For every 1kWh of energy consumed you can produce roughly up to 6kWh of thermal energy.

You can use our products with almost any type of heating facilities including underfloor heating, radiator or fan-coils. They can be fitted into older and new buildings. You can also combine them with a domestic hot water system and an air ventilation system.

TermoPlus produces two ranges of geothermal heat pumps: Terrapump, for use with soil and Aquapump, for use with underground water.

Our heat pumps typically pay for themselves within 3.5 years or even less if you receive government subsidies or a grant for the system

Termo Plus Warranty

Guaranteed to last

TermoPlus’s very first heat pump built in 1984 is still fully operational. The minimum life expectancy of all our heat pumps is 25 years and they are covered by a 3+3 year warranty. This means that with a quick check-up every year you are guaranteed 6 years of absolute peace of mind. We’ll support our products for their entire lifetime and guarantee spare part availability. Find out more about the TermoPlus promise.

Termo Plus Made In EU
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Incredible efficiency and savings

The outstanding performance of our ground and water source heat pumps is attributed to the combination of two technical elements: an optimised plate heat exchanger and a highly efficient and silent ZH scroll compressor specially developed by Copeland for heath pumps.

Function-packed but easy to use

Control and functions are managed easily through an integrated electronic regulation controller. Web control* is optionally available via app (* under development)

Optimized performance

You can enjoy improved seasonal performance due to our optimized compressors and system solutions which make our pumps less complex and more efficient to run.

Quiet and unobtrusive

The compact heat pumps are incredibly silent with sound-insulated housing and a double-dampened compressor. Also, the cooling system is elastically mounted using dual anti-vibration mounting which dramatically decreases the system’s oscillation and noise.

All year use

TermoPlus is one of the very few heat pump manufacturers that offers an Active Cooling feature into the heat pump. Also known as a reversible heat pump it allows you to reverse the system during summer and pump heat out of the building and into the ground. This results in better output and efficiency during prolonged periods of extreme temperatures.

ground source heat pumps

Reliable, durable and environmentally friendly

You can count on exceptional reliability since we only use grade A mechanical components from top European manufacturers and all our products are 100% tested through extensive quality control at our simulation lab. Environmentally friendly R 407 C refrigerant is used.

Long lasting and easy to maintain

Complete anti-corrosion protection is provided through the use of a stainless steel condenser. Access for servicing and maintenance is easy through a single panel and well-spaced elements.

Flexible for retro-fitting

Older buildings that may use radiators require higher temperature water to function compared to newer facilities. This is why we produce a high temperature unit (HT) which will produce water temperatures up to 65°C and offer a compromise between efficiency and preserving existing systems.



Terrapump is our ground-source geothermal heat pump range with an output of 7kW up to 43kW. We also produce an industrial series reaching up to 1000kW



Aquapump is our water-source geothermal heat pump range with an output of 7kW up to 57kWh. We also produce an industrial series reaching up to 1000kW




Also known as a reversible heat pump it allows you to reverse the system during summer and pump heat out of the building and into the ground. This results in better output and efficiency during prolonged periods of extreme temperatures. This is the recommended choice for increased efficiency, performance and economy


High temperature (HT) units are only for retrofit use in older buildings where existing facilities such as radiators require a hot water temperature of 65°C. They are equipped with a special type of a compressor and refrigeration system that help produce high levels of heat. For new buildings where we recommend the R series instead which is more efficient and produces more savings.


Optional web control via app*

The app allows you to measure the savings you achieve using the heat pump and allows you to control the system as you wish. The system can also automatically receive software updates and allows you and our support engineers to monitor its performance. *Currently under development

Web Control Via App


Terrapump Series

Model & RangeEnergy Class W35/W55Heating power S0/W35 (kW)Input power
S0 / W35
S0 / W35
Heating power S0/W50 (kW)Input power
S0 / W50 (kW)
COP S0/W50Cooling Power W25/W7 (kW)Recommen- ded fuse
TERRApump W6 A++ 7,181,744,136,742,352,87 3×16
TERRApump W6 R A++ 7,181,744,136,742,352,878,273×16
TERRApump W8 A++ 9,132,184,188,452,932,89 3×16
TERRApump W8 R A++ 9,132,184,188,452,932,8910,43×16
TERRApump W10 A++ 10,52,544,129,83,442,85 3×16
TERRApump W10 R A++ 10,52,544,129,83,442,8512,053×16
TERRApump W12 A++ 12,93,084,1912,14,132,93 3×16
TERRApump W12 R A++ 12,93,084,1912,14,132,9314,653×16
TERRApump W16 A++ 15,453,664,2214,454,862,97 3×16
TERRApump W16 R A++ 15,453,664,2214,454,862,9717,553×16
TERRAapump W18 A++ 19,354,933,9318,056,212,9 3×25
TERRApump W18 RA++ 19,354,933,9318,056,212,921,83×25
TERRApump W25 A++ 26,96,484,1524,98,332,99 3×32
TERRAapump W25 RA++ 26,96,484,1524,98,332,9930,33×32
TERRApump W32 A++ 34,28,084,2331,610,33,07 3×32
TERRApump W32 RA++ 34,28,084,2331,610,33,0738,53×32
TERRApump W40 A++ 41,29,74,2438,212,453,07 3×40
TERRApump W40 RA++41,29,74,2438,212,453,0746,43×40
Model & RangeEnergy Class W35/W55Heating power S0/W50 (kW)Input power S0/W50 (kW)COP S0/W50Heating power S0/W65 (kW)Input power S0 / W65 (kW)COP S0/W65Recommended fuse
TERRApump W8 HTA++8,052,673,027,583,432,213×16
TERRApump W10 HTA++9,663,153,069,074,052,243×16
TERRApump W15 HTA++16,55,642,9215,356,932,213×32
TERRApump W23 HTA++258,412,9723,210,22,273×40

Aquapump Series

Model & RangeEnergy Class W35/W55Heating power W10/W35 (kW)Input power
W10 / W35 (kW)
COP W10 / W35Heating power W10/W35 (kW)INPUT POWER W10/W50 (kW)COP W10/ W50COOLING POWER W25/W7 (kW)Recommended fuse
AQUApump W6A++7.151.315.446.561.773.70 3×16
AQUApump W6 RA++7.151.315.446.561.773.705.793×16
AQUApump W8A++10.101.865.429.202.493.69 3×16
AQUApump W8 RA++10.101.865.429.202.493.698.273×16
AQUApump W10A++12.702.325.4711.553.103.72 3×16
AQUApump W10 RA++12.702.325.4711.553.103.7210.403×16
AQUApump W12A++14.702.685.5013.403.613.71 3×16
AQUApump W12 RA++14.702.685.5013.403.613.7112.053×16
AQUApump W16A++ 3×16
AQUApump W16 RA++×16
AQUAapump W18A++21.503.895.5319.805.213.81 3×16
AQUApump W18 RA++21.503.895.5319.805.213.8117.553×16
AQUApump W25A++26.905.325.0624.506.703.66 3×25
AQUAapump W25 RA++26.905.325.0624.506.703.6621.803×25
AQUApump W32A++37.406.855.4634.008.963.79 3×32
AQUApump W32 RA++37.406.855.4634.008.963.7930.303×32
AQUApump W40A++47.508.835.3743.3011.353.82 3×32
AQUApump W40 RA++47.508.835.3743.3011.353.8238.503×32
AQUApump W50A++57.3010.705.3552.2013.553.85 3×40
AQUApump W50 RA++57.3010.705.3552.2013.553.8546.403×40
Model & RangeEnergy Class W35/W55Heating power S0/W50 (kW)Input power S0/W50 (kW)COP W10 / S0/ W50Heating power S0/W65 (kW)Input power S0 / W65 (kW)COP W10/W65Recommended
AQUApump W10 HTA++11,12,873,8710,253,732,743×16
AQUApump W12 HTA++13,353,43,9312,254,412,783×16
AQUApump W20 HTA++22,76,043,76217,752,73×32
AQUApump W32 HTA++35,19,373,753211,62,763×40


Your savings depend on many factors such as your local fuel cost, how much heating you require and what other systems are in place. Let’s consider an example of a 200m² house with average insulation  and a radiator system. With the existing heating system an estimated annual requirement of 3000lts of heating diesel at a current estimated cost of €0,9 per litre would result in a yearly cost of €2.700. If this same house switched to an Aquapump installation with an annual consumption of 6300kWh, the annual cost would be €819 assuming a rate of 0,13 EUR/kWh. That would be an annual saving of €1881 which over the 25 year life of the product would amount to €47.025 and that isn’t even taking into account the expected rise of fuel costs.

Our heat pumps are extremely easy to maintain and have very low maintenance costs. Our units only require a single annual quick service where we ensure everything is working correctly and efficiently.

Ground-source heat pumps exploit thermal energy stored in the rocks or soil. The enormous amount of solar energy that is stored in the soil can easily be used for heating space and tap water. The amount of solar energy that can be extracted from the soil depends on the composition of the soil, on the heat pump capacity, and the manner of the source exploitation (horizontal collector or vertical probe). The energy is extracted by means water and an antifreeze agent which circulates in a closed piping system laid at a depth of 110 – 130 cm (horizontal collector). In the case of a vertical probe, the tubular probes are placed into boreholes at a depth of 60 – 140 m. The circulating water transfers heat to the heat pump, which heats this even further to 55°C with the help of added electrical energy. Then, water is returned into the system again cooled by approximately 4°C.

Ground water is a great energy source to take advantage from with a heat pump. Its main advantage is a relatively constant temperature level (between +7 and +12°C). To be able to exploit ground water two boreholes need to be drilled into the ground – one for the extraction of water and one to return it into the ground. A submersible pump placed in the extraction well pushes the water through the heat pump, which then extracts thermal energy from the water. This water then returns (cooled by a roughly 2°C to 4°C ) back into the ground through the second borehole, which is at a distance of about 15 to 20m further. The amount of water in the borehole must be sufficient for continuous operation at the highest possible heat requirements. TermoPlus approved technicians test this for a whole week as it is crucial to ensuring proper output. To extract ground water a water permit and a chemical analysis of the water is required before any work is done. Due to the relatively high temperature, ground water is an ideal heat source with the highest energy efficiency (based on the annual average), since it reaches a very high coefficient of performance (COP).

All our units can be combined with an existing heating boiler, biomass or woodstove.