Mitsubishi makes the world’s best outdoor units for air-source heat pumps. That’s why at TermoPlus we only pair our internal units with Mitsubishi Electric external heat pump units. 

There are at least 9 reasons that make Mitsubishi heat pump units the perfect choice.

Mitsubishi air source heat pumps are extremely energy efficient

Mitsubishi heat pumps are probably your best choice if you are looking for extreme energy efficiency.

Although heat from the ground is more abundant, and our geothermal units have a higher efficiency than any other heat pump type, they can be costly and require extensive installation works. The next best thing for efficient heating and cooling is a Mitsubishi air-source heat pump with a TermoPlus Hydrobox or Hydrotank.

Mitsubishi heat pumps use inverters. Advanced technologies, such as inverter-driven compressors and variable-speed fans, give the heat pumps the ability to adjust their output. By adjusting their output to match the heating (or cooling) requirements with greater precision, less energy is used. High-efficiency heat pumps must provide granular controls like this.  

Mitsubishi’s compressors are renowned for their long lifespan and durability. They are also extremely energy-efficient. Combined with their large surface area heat exchangers, they lead the market in terms of energy efficiency. 

For each unit you should compare the seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) figures (or the heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) if you’re in North America). These metrics apply to electric heat pump performance over the whole season as opposed to COP which is just a single point of measurement.

Mitsubishi Electric leads heat pump technology developments

Mitsubishi is a true pioneer of heat pump and air conditioning innovation. In true “kaizen” form, the manufacturer constantly improves their products, introducing small improvements every time a new product is launched. Over the years, the accumulation of these small improvements has resulted in their clear leadership in reliability and efficiency. As you read on, you’ll see plenty examples of this.

Mitsubishi makes the most reliable and durable heat pumps

Mitsubishi air source heat pumps are renowned for their dependability. Not just because of their Japanese origin and manufacturing quality standards, but also because of their advanced technologies. At a time when most heat pump manufacturers were still developing fixed speed heat pumps (on/off), Mitsubishi innovated by focusing on inverter-driven heat pumps. Inverter-driven heat pumps, aside from being extremely efficient, are also extraordinarily reliable. Longevity is a priority for Mitsubishi as they constantly make design iterations and improvements. Over the years this has made the quality of their units very hard to compete against. And that’s just one more reason for TermoPlus to work exclusively with Mitsubishi’s external units.    

TermoPlus Hydrobox and Hydrotank indoor units

At TermoPlus we have been manufacturing exceptional European heat pumps for over thirty years. Our ground-source units and industrial heat pumps are all built in-house, one by one, by our master engineers. We build our Hydrobox and Hydrotank the same way – with superb craftsmanship and exceptional standards. These air-source heat pumps deserve the very best external units – we couldn’t settle for anything less than the Mitsubishi outdoor units. 

TermoPlus Hydrobox and Hydrotank units are fully compatible with Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps and the MELCloud app. They have many performance upgrades such as larger condensers and an optimized circulating pump for even greater efficiency. They are also leaps and bounds ahead in terms of installation customization so that each installation can be tailored for greater performance and efficiency. Since they are placed indoors, they also had to look award-winning fantastic!

The cost of a Mitsubishi heat pump system

How much does a Mitsubishi heat pump cost? Although Mitsubishi heat pumps are available at reasonable prices, they are still more expensive than other heat pump brands. What makes a Mitsubishi heat pump a cost-effective solution is its longevity. The total cost of ownership is lower and the return on your investment is higher over the longer lifespan of the product. In the long-run, nothing beats their value.

Mitsubishi heat pumps can operate at extremely cold temperatures

Early heat pump technology struggled to operate in extremely cold conditions, but this has changed over the years. Mitsubishi’s Zubadan heat pumps are known for their ability to operate in extreme cold. Some of these units can operate at temperatures as low as -30°C. 

One of the key technologies pioneered by Mitsubishi is “Flash Injection Technology”, which enables reliable operation in such cold climates.

Innovations like these are why Mitsubishi tech dominates the market for cold-climate heat pumps. 

Ducted HVAC, ductless heat pumps, mini splits, monobloc – such flexibility!

Mitsubishi produces a wide variety of heat pumps for residential and commercial applications. These are the only units we supply with our TermoPlus Hydrobox and Hydrotank internal units.

Your ideal heat pump system will depend on your requirements, building characteristics and budget. An important determinant of the heating system you need is the heating capacity required. Mitsubishi models cover a wide range of heating capacities and some of them can be combined for larger projects.

Mitsubishi makes both ducted and ductless systems, so you can use fan coils or an indoor air handler if you need an air-to-air system that can also replace your air conditioner. 

Both single zone and multi-zone systems are available – the latter allow you to heat different areas (zones) separately.  

High temperature heat pumps are also available for use with existing or new radiators, or you can opt for high efficiency models if you plan on using underfloor heating or low-temperature radiators.   

Split systems are a great option, or you can opt for a monobloc heat pump if you want an even easier installation.

You can combine the external unit with our TermoPlus Hydrobox to heat and cool your entire home, or you can opt for a Hydrotank instead if you want to have domestic hot water (DHW) too.  

You’ll need to work with your heat pump installer to determine the best Mitsubishi heat pump heating and cooling system for your situation. Your heat pump contractor will help with the sizing and system design.

Quiet operation

Once a Mitsubishi heat pump system is installed you will notice that it is extremely quiet. Compared to other HVAC systems of the past, they are night and day. Noise was a concern previously, but the latest generation of Mitsubishi heat pumps almost goes unnoticed. 

Easy to install and maintain

You need to work with your HVAC contractor to design the ideal cooling and heating system for your needs. If you do choose a Mitsubishi air-source heat pump coupled with a TermoPlus indoor unit, not only will the system be easy to install, but you will also get the benefit of additional customization options for optimal results. Mitsubishi’s units are generally easy to maintain. The added benefit of a TermoPlus indoor unit makes maintenance even easier due to practical design considerations and easy maintenance access.

At TermoPlus we stock a large inventory of Mitsubishi heat pumps with retail and wholesale availability. Get in touch with us for a quote.