The European Environmental Bureau has just released its latest Brand Audit of European Heating Manufacturers on behalf of the Coolproducts campaign. The Brand Audit is a ranking exercise that rates domestic heating firms according to the climate-friendliness of their portfolios.

TermoPlus (TermoShop D.o.o.) has been included in this list of Leaders while also outlining a series of policy recommendations for legislators.

With fossil gas prices more than quadrupling since last year, heat pumps and solar thermal systems will play a key role in reducing Europeans’ energy bills, according to the report.

Jure Sacer, CEO of TermoPlus commented: “It’s important that in these unprecedented, turbulent times that we take bold steps towards technologies that will sustain us in the future. At TermoPlus we have been voicing our concerns regarding the use of fossil fuels for heating for more than thirty years. We’re thankful for the acknowledgement and support of the European Environmental Bureau and we hope legislators take into account the amazing results heat pumps have produced for our clients over these three decades”.

Davide Sabaddin, Energy expert at the European Environmental Bureau, said: “Findings prove the market is ready to enter into the renewable heating era and that the voice of front leaders is too often unheard in the policy debate. From the climate crisis to soaring energy prices, heat pumps and solar thermal heating offer the best available solution to the energy challenge. It’s high time that decision makers support this transition and ensure that we can heat our homes without heating the planet”.

The full joint press release can be found here.

The full Brand Audit Report can be found here.