Why should you join LinkedIn HVAC groups?

LinkedIn HVAC groups may not offer the same level of interaction as forums but they certainly offer many important benefits :

  • It’s easier to find and interact with people in the industry in these groups
  • Being in a group means you can message any of it’s members without having to be connected
  • You may be found by partners, recruiters, clients as a result of your membership in these groups
  • You get to see more relevant content and stay informed without the irrelevant noise

Since the most important LinkedIn HVAC groups are gathered in this post, you don’t have an excuse for not becoming a member of them all.


The Top 20+ LinkedIn HVAC groups for 2018

There are more than 750 LinkedIn HVAC groups. We have gone through these and shortlisted what we think are the top 20+ groups you should be join if you aren’t a member already  (in alphabetical order).

These are some of the established larger ones but it is also worth looking for smaller groups such as local groups or groups managed by HVAC equipment manufacturers that you may work with.

This list has been put together using feedback from colleagues and partners that are members of these specific groups. Based on these experiences we have denoted the LinkedIn HVAC groups with very responsive owners / admins with  ★★★★★.

By the way, LinkedIn limits your ability to join groups to 100 (which is twice as many as it used to be) and you can only apply to 10 groups at a time. So start joining them now and come back here in a week or so to join another batch of groups! (TIP: start with the 5★ groups to get approved faster!)

We will keep this post updated and if you think we missed any LinkedIn HVAC groups that are worth including (we probably have!) please leave a comment below with the group name and why you have found it useful – we’ll make sure to check it out.


1. Air Conditioning System Design JOIN

This group focuses mostly on HVAC product designers and is targeted at appliance and equipment manufacturers.

2. Building Automation Controls, IoT and Mechanical Services JOIN

With a broader focus, just as the group’s title suggests, HVAC/R is only part of the group’s discussions. This is great if you need access to supporting specialists with diverse backgrounds.

3. Contractor Discussion Group. For Plumbers, Electricians, Remodelers, Roofers, HVAC, & Handyman JOIN

A group of freelancers with diverse backgrounds that includes electricians, plumbers, tradesmen and HVAC technicians among professionals such as taxation consultants, accountants and web designers. With an emphasis on freelance contractors and a membership of 17.000 professionals it is a good place to start if you need to hire a freelancer in a pinch, or to get hired if you are a freelancer yourself.

4. Geothermal Expert JOIN

Although relatively small, this group is entirely focused on geothermal issues and can be very helpful when a network of specialists is called for. The group can, on occasion, feature very useful case studies of geothermal projects .


A group of almost 6.000 members focused on HVAC & Building Management Systems, controls and integration. 

6. HVAC Design Engineers JOIN ★★★★★

The HVAC design engineers group has almost 40.000 members and focuses more on the HVAC-R system design side of the profession. Lots of fresh content and like-minded professionals will keep you up to date. Amit Chaudhari, the group owner, ensured the group attracted great HVAC people and as a result it has great quality relevant content and news.

7. HVAC Equipment Designers JOIN

Mostly for appliance manufacturers this group aims to attract project engineers, managers and directors that operate in HVAC product design, manufacture and certification.

8. HVAC industry professionals JOIN

With over 11.000 members the group offers good networking opportunities and has a frequently updated feed of industry-related and product news.

9. HVAC Jobs AC Air Conditioning Refrigeration Technician Climate Control AirConditioningJobs.com JOIN  ★★★★★

The group of almost 27.000 members is one of the largest for jobs and related information in HVAC and Refrigeration. Run by AirConditioningJobs.com and part of the NicheJobs.com network is has over 1 million combined members in various niche areas. If you’re talent-scoping or job-hunting it is well worth joining.

10. HVAC Plumbing & Electrical Contractor Selling Best Practices JOIN

Although the group of almost 8.000 members focuses on the sales side of things you’ll find other relevant HVAC/R content here as well. 

11. HVAC Professionals JOIN

HVAC Professionals is a behemoth of a group. With almost 130.000 members it is the largest of them all offering access to a great networking pool. With a wide range of HVAC/R topics covered there are loads of posts with great content and a responsive community. 

12. HVAC Service Selling JOIN  ★★★★★

HVAC Service Selling is a group for all sales people at any level of experience within our industry. The group members are very supportive and always willing to share strategies and personal experiences. Michael Berube, the group owner is also very approachable and helpful.

13. Hvac Specialist and Management JOIN

With almost 27.000 members this HVAC specialist group offers a good network size and a feed of relevant and interesting news.

14. HVAC Technicians Group JOIN ★★★★★

With almost 15.000 relevant members and a very responsive administrator, this is a more interactive group. The HVAC Technicians group is a great help for people in HVAC to connect, discuss and debate. Professionals can help each other resolve daily HVAC-related problems and questions and there are career opportunities available if you do some networking.

15. HVAC Vacancies and News JOIN

If you want to be kept in the loop about vacancies in the HVAC/R sector this group of almost 20.000 members is worth checking out. It is administered by the hvacforum.co.uk site which is a UK based HVAC job-seeker site.

16. HVACR Educators JOIN

This group focuses on the very specific area of HVACR education. Whether you are a full-time HVACR educator or just occasionally train people on the job it having a network like this to refer to should be a valuable resource.

17. National Wholesale, Plumbing, Heating, and HVAC Group JOIN

An HVAC trade and commerce focused group that has a significant membership of over 10.000 relevant trade professionals and some interesting discussions.

18. Refrigeration & Airconditioning Professionals Worldwide (30.000+) JOIN ★★★★★

The Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Professionals Worldwide group will connect you to over 35.000 refrigeration & air-conditioning professionals worldwide who share their interests, news and network with you. The group has an internationally diverse membership which offers a rich source of experiences.

19. Refrigeration industry JOIN ★★★★★

Share and access daily, fresh news from the HVACR market and the refrigeration industry or take part in refrigeration-related discussions. The Refrigeration Industry group offers worldwide daily news on new products, technologies, events, and companies. 

20. Smart HVAC Products JOIN

With almost 9.000 members this group has a focus on HVAC/R related product news.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you want us to check out any LinkedIn HVAC groups that are worth adding to the list.

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