How long do heat pumps last? – the life expectancy of heat pumps is something that most heat pump owners looked into before they decided to invest in one. This is perfectly understandable since the lifespan of a heat pump will significantly affect the overall savings from an investment in a heat pump installation.

For most manufacturers 15 years is the average heat pump lifespan, with some lower end units barely making it past 10 years. In some cases, some of the better and more reliable brands can even reach 20 or even 25 years of life if servicing is regular and the installation is maintained properly. This is empirical data since it is hard to get more precise, reliable data besides the experience of trade professionals.

As a manufacturer of heat pumps for 27 years we try to keep a close eye on the lifetime of our heat pumps. We estimate the lifetime expectancy of our heat pumps to be more than 10 years (99%), more than 15 years (98%) more than 20 years (95%) depending on good usage, proper maintenance and suitable installation conditions. We anticipate a minimum lifespan of 25 years (80%-90%) under optimum circumstances.

Heat Pump Lifetime Expectancy

The above data is based on the following assumptions: servicing schedules are adhered to, installations are implemented properly, usage is under reasonable conditions and in the case any minor problems arise they are repaired.

Heat pump lifetime expectancy can be prolonged beyond 20 years through proper installation and frequent servicing when used in reasonable conditions.

What usually determines the life expectancy of heat pumps is the working condition of the compressor.  Considering that the compressor puts in thousands of hours of mechanical operation during the heat pump’s life, it is expected that it will eventually wear out. Most components are serviceable but the compressor’s replacement cost is high. In that case, many buyers opt for a new system, particularly if their existing system is older and less efficient. That’s why TermoPlus only uses the absolute highest reliability compressors (Copeland or Mitsubishi).

For most heat pump investments, the payback is between 3-5 years depending on subsidies and installation costs. It is important for buyers to secure their investment with a good heat pump warranty that extends thorough coverage beyond the payback period. A good heat pump will last around 20 years giving at least 15 years of service after payback has been achieved. The life expectancy of heat pumps is considerably longer than most oil, gas or electric heating systems.

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