TermoPlus has been awarded the DesignPlus award by ISH and the German Design Council for the new HydroTank air-source heat pump series to be launched at ISH in March (our ISH appointments will are limited, book yours here). The HydroTank range provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) while the streamlined HydroBox series offers heating and cooling.

The award-winning air-source heat pumps feature new Flow Optimisation Technology (FOT) resulting in a 5% greater efficiency than the previous generation. FOT leverages user-accessible data gathered from several sensors to help optimize the temperature, estimate the COP and identify any performance issues with the unit.

A radically redesigned new chassis housing made of powder-coated steel offers increased durability while reducing noise levels and vibrations. Thanks to user input the units are now built for easier transportation, handling and installation and offer easier access to indoor components for easier maintenance. The units also feature integrated channel management for an easier and cleaner installation.

The Design Plus competition rewards future-proof products, which demonstrate an optimum combination of sustainability, aesthetic appeal and functionality and is one of the most prestigious and well-known awards in Germany.

The award panel describes the winning TermoPlus range as “a successful design down to the last detail, and one which beautifully expresses the demand for high quality.

ISH19 DesignPlus Winners

ISH19 DesignPlus Winners