Custom-built heat pumps are in high demand and are becoming an even more appealing solution for many commercial or industrial HVAC projects. What makes them such a compelling solution for these types of projects and why are they becoming a game-changer in the industry?

Sizing is critical (efficiency)

The sizing of a heat pump system is one the key determinants of efficiency and savings for any heat pump project. The size of the system and the ranges within which it can efficiently operate will be affected by bottlenecks. Trying to overcome these bottlenecks, on the other hand, can result in excesses that increase the cost of the total system. This, as a result, will reduce a project’s overall return on investment.

Having a heat pump custom-built to eliminate excesses and bottlenecks according to specific project parameters can help clients achieve the highest possible return on investment.

Optimization is a missed opportunity

Each heat pump installation is designed for a specific purpose. Cooling may be a priority for some projects whereas heating may be more important for others. An HVAC system, for instance, may be intended to be powered primarily through heat recovery. Each project has different priorities and a custom-built heat pump can be optimized to suite this particular purpose. Most out-of-the-box heat pumps offer limited optimization through the use of software profiles. Custom-built heat pumps however can be hardware-optimized and can use software calibrated specifically for a given project.

Future-proofing is important

Custom-built heat pumps can be flexible towards a client’s future objectives. Knowing the exact needs of a project can help anticipate future needs which can be considered in the design process. For example, a client may be considering the future addition of a solar PV system or may be expecting their heating capacity requirement to increase. Having a heat pump built-to-order means that component selection can take these potential future upgrades into consideration.

Also, if these custom heat pumps support a number of non-proprietary components, clients can feel secure in the knowledge that they aren’t strictly dependent on manufacturer.

Finally, a tailored heat pump is much easier to upgrade and modify than an off-the-shelf product.

With custom-built heat pumps, customers get exactly what they want

With custom-built heat pumps there is room for additional feature bundling. For instance, a client may want scalable output so multiple compressors can be built into the design. Whether it is modular options such as full web-control or the ability to determine how a unit is optimised, clients can get exactly what they want.

Attention to design means attention to support

Not many manufacturers are geared towards tailored solutions as they are set up for mass production. As their processes are designed for large production runs, their service teams are built around product categories. Little room is left for the care and attention required for the tailoring of a custom heat pump.

Although not an impartial observation, it is fair to say that at TermoPlus we are undeniably geared towards custom heat pumps since we have been manufacturing custom units for more than 27 years.

This week at ISH in Frankfurt we launched a brand-new solution for custom heat pumps that can really give you an edge next time you are putting together a proposal for a commercial or industrial project. 

Find out more about tailor-made heat pumps or get a heat pump custom-built for your project needs.