The TermoPlus Hydrotank series offers uninterrupted domestic hot water for heating as well as domestic use such as showering, dishwashing etc.

The Hydrotank is part of an air-source heat pump installation and works exclusively with Mitsubishi outdoor units.

The new 160L unit is ideal for small family households. The new model was designed as an affordable solution for homes with up to four inhabitants and is ideal for small flats and passive homes. The 160l unit takes up less space (1480mm x φ610mm) than the larger 300L sized models. Additionally, since it uses an internal large-surface heat exchanger with a larger heat transfer surface, the Hydrotank can heat water up extremely quickly.

The Hydrotank can also provide cooling as well as heating which eliminates the cost of owning two separate systems. As with all TermoPlus Hydrotank units, it is suitable for floor, radiator and fan coil heating.

Customers also have the option to add a Wi-Fi module or wireless remote thermostat. The Hydrotank can be operated through the original Mitsubishi app that allows measurement of the system’s efficiency (COP Monitoring) and control of the system and programs (holiday mode, floor drying etc.) from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

The 160L model was unveiled at the 50th MOS trade fair in Celje, Slovenia last month and was presented among the updated series of Mitsubishi outdoor units.

The new 160l unit has been priced very competitively and is available for order via