TermoPlus unveiled a series of updated heat pumps and outdoor units at the 50th MOS trade show in Celje, Slovenia this week.

Among the new models showcased TermoPlus presented Mitsubishi’s updated outdoor units for the TermoPlus air-source heat pump range. These new outdoor units have been given a great new look and are now more efficient and significantly more quiet during operation. You can find out more about these new Mitsubishi outdoor units here.

TermoPlus also unveiled a series of new indoor units including a new 160lt hydrotank that is ideal for small family households. The new unit was designed as an affordable solution for homes with up to four inhabitants and takes up less space than the larger sized units. More details on the new models can be found in the Air-to-Water heat pumps section.

Today marks the last day of the fair and we’d like to extend a very warm thank you to all our visitors for the tremendous interest in our heat pumps.