Mitsubishi external units are known for their legendary reliability – that is why they are the chosen external units for TermoPlus air-source heat pumps. Until now the external units were a little lacklustre with outdated design cues. However this has changed with the new units that have been redesigned and bring some interesting new advantages to the TermoPlus range.

1) Silence: The new external units have undergone many improvements that now make them a lot quieter. The four new units have no tonality and range between 58dB and 60dB within the low frequency ranges (63Hz & 125Hz) which are generally the most disturbing ranges. Essentially this means that you can expect a lot less noise!

2) Unobtrusiveness: The new units are significantly better looking and take up less space.

3) Minor efficiency improvements: The evaporator of the new units consists of three sections and offers a significantly enlarged surface area. As a result, efficiency has been increased.

4) Other improvements:

– A redesigned housing base has resulted in improved condensate drain, less frost and faster dissipation of condensate during of defrosting.

– The new bypass heat exchanger (HIC) improves efficiency further. The additional fins offer an enlarged surface area which significantly increases heat transfer efficiency (by up to 30%). This offers complete evaporation of the refrigerant and results in the compressor consuming less energy.

The new Zubadan inverters are offered in 8 and 11.2kW outputs and the new Power inverter in 7.5kW and 10kW outputs. These new Mitsubishi external units are now a standard bundle with the purchase of any TermoPlus air-source heat pump. Mitsubishi has not replaced all the units in the existing range and some of the existing units are still in production. These units are competitively priced and ideal for locations where low noise is not so critical. 

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