Housing: Rezidenca Preska 12 unit housing complex

Medvode, Slovenia

The Project

Key Benefits

  • Superb comfort with underfloor heating and cooling
  • Extremely high efficiency and economy
  • Excellent reliability

Located in Medvode, Slovenia the housing contractor Cerita wanted to equip their newly built 12-unit apartment complex with a very economical and reliable heating system.

For maximum efficiency and comfort, a water-source heat pump system was installed. A TermoPlus AQUApump W50 heat pump was used in conjunction with a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) installation. The system is comprised of two 1000lt tanks (one for cold water and one for hot) one 800lt DHW hot water tank.

The new system offers both heating and cooling. When cooling the apartments during the summer months the extracted heat is used to produce free domestic hot water for sanitary use. This re-captured energy helps increase the system’s efficiency even more.

With a water-source central solution the apartment complex benefits from extremely efficient heating, DHW and cooling.

The System

Heat Pump unit:
TermoPlus® AQUApump W50

Domestic Hot Water
800lt TermoPlus® DHW tank