Housing: Vile Brtonigla

Istria, Croatia

The Project

Air Source Heat Pumps

Key Benefits

  • Superb comfort with air cooling
  • Unobtrusive underfloor heating
  • Extremely high efficiency

In the small village of Brtonigla in the northwestern part of the Istrian peninsula, a series of eight properties was constructed by the developer, Tehnogradnje.

Surrounded by olive groves and vineyards each villa is a premium realestate project with 4 en-suite bathrooms and a 40m² heated swimming pool.

The developers wanted to achieve a low cost of ownership by using the most efficient means of heating and cooling.

Underfloor heating was used throughout the building. Convector cooling units were installed for air cooling during the summer.

For maximum efficiency, a Hydrotank MZ unit was used which also handles DHW along with a 300l tank.

The System

Outdoor unit:

Indoor unit:
TermoPlus® Hydrotank MZ

Domestic Hot Water
TermoPlus® HydrotankMZ with 300 liter

Underfloor heating throughout the villas
Six convectors were used for cooling. In
some villas an additional multisplit A/C
system was also added for supplemental
cooling in the event demand exceeded the 7
kW provided by the system.