Office Space and Residences: BB Investicije

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Project

Air Source Heat Pumps

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional comfort with cooling and heating
  • Superb climate conditions through ventilation with heat recovery
  • Radiant ceiling cooling (no airflow needed)
  • Extremely high efficiency and economy
  • Excellent reliability

A building housing three residences and a consultancy office in Ljubljana needed a completely new heating and cooling system installed. Due to the different needs of each space and an underlying requirement for efficiency a more complex system was designed and installed. The required objective was to achieve optimal comfort with low running costs (between €1.500- €2.000 annually for all thee residences and the office together).

Underfloor heating was used throughout the building in order to achieve greater economy. For cooling, five convectors were installed along with ceiling cooling. Two heat recuperators were installed for fresh air supply.

A Hydrobox air-source unit was used in conjunction with two Mitsubishi external units in cascade.

Sanitary water is now taken care of by a 500l Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Tank heated by two heat pumps.

The System

Outdoor unit:
in cascade

Indoor unit:
2xTermoPlus® Hydrobox

Domestic Hot Water
500 liter TermoPlus® DHW tank

Ventilation with heat recovery
2 × Helios KWL500ET MHRV units

Ceiling cooling system
5 × Olimpia Splendid convectors

Underfloor heating throughout all