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Housing: Vile Brtonigla

In the small village of Brtonigla in the northwestern part of the Istrian peninsula, a series of eight properties was constructed by the developer, Tehnogradnje. Surrounded by olive groves and vineyards each villa is a premium realestate project with 4 en-suite bathrooms and a 40m² heated swimming pool.

Hospitality: Frui Diem

In the quiet village of Draguzeti in Croatia, two-villas were developed as rental properties. Each villa has four bedrooms with en-suite facilities and their own outdoor swimming pool and heating system. The project’s goals were to offer great comfort levels while at the same time to reduce heating cots through a very efficient system. With the new system the estimated running costs per year are only between €500 - €700.

Retrofit: Šmarje Church

The picturesque church in the small village of Šmarje in Slovenia required a subtle, unobtrusive heating system. Economy and reliability were a must so as to maintain a low running cost. More importantly, the heating system had to blend in with the interior of the restored church, maintaining the feel and atmosphere of the original structure.

Housing: Rezidenca Preska 12 unit housing complex

Located in Medvode, Slovenia the housing contractor Cerita wanted to equip their newly built 12-unit apartment complex with a very economical and reliable heating system. For maximum efficiency and comfort, a water-source heat pump system was installed. A TermoPlus AQUApump W50 heat pump was used in conjunction with a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) installation. The system is comprised of two 1000lt tanks (one for cold water and one for hot) one 800lt DHW hot water tank.

Hospitality & Leisure: Bohinj Water Park

Aquapark & Wellness Bohinj is a pool complex / hotel with more than 500m2 of swimming areas and 120 rooms. Since the main attraction for the business is the pool complex, it was absolutely crucial that the HVAC system designed would be extremely reliable so that the risk of downtime would be minimized.

Office Space and Residences: BB Investicije

A building housing three residences and a consultancy office in Ljubljana needed a completely new heating and cooling system installed. Due to the different needs of each space and an underlying requirement for efficiency a more complex system was designed and installed. The required objective was to achieve optimal comfort with low running costs (between €1.500- €2.000 annually for all thee residences and the office together).

Hospitality: Villas Bonada

Situated in a small picturesque Istrian village Ruzici, a few kilometres from the Istrian coast, Villas Bonadais a settlement comprising of 3 rental villas with independent swimming pools. The facility owners initially planned to heat the new villas solely through air conditioning units. Due to the shortcomings that this would entail in comfort levels and long-term economy they opted for a hybrid heat pump system instead.